Disclaimer, goals, and commitments

Last updated: March 20, 2023

Our goal

This is a not-for-profit site built with the sole intent of preserving the knowledge and history of Patrick A. Rogers.

Our goal is to aggregate as much of the history and knowledge about Patrick A. Rogers as possible into one place. Pat positively affected the lives of many across a wide spectrum.

With his passing, we want to make it easy for future generations to continue learning from Pat’s valuable lessons and golden nuggets.

Our commitment to integrity

This site does not contain advertisements, affiliate links or other forms of monetization. All expenses for the development and hosting of this site are paid for out of pocket by the site founders.

The founders of this site aren’t compensated for opinions on products or services. The opinions and views expressed on this site are those of the authors alone.

This site will contain links and references to many vendors and companies that Pat has had some form of affiliation with. This includes contributors to this site, including former students and colleagues. We’re glad to share links to their businesses as they are carrying on Pat’s legacy in their own ways.

Accuracy and completeness

This site attempts, in good faith, to achieve accuracy or completeness of the content on this site. If you discover anything incomplete or in error, please let us know and we’ll gladly fix it in a timely manner!