About Patrick A. Rogers

Patrick A. Rogers profile.

Welcome to the Pat Rogers website. Pat was, on a professional level, a warrior and instructor of warriors. On a personal level, Pat was a dear friend, mentor, confidant and what the Japanese call “Sensei”.

Pat communicated a great deal of his hard-won knowledge and wisdom via several methods:

  1. Classes he taught through his company, EAG Tactical.
  2. Classes he taught for the United States Marine Corps and various governmental agencies.
  3. Classes he taught at Gunsite Academy.
  4. His many magazine articles.
  5. His numerous online tactical forum posts.
  6. Conversations he had with his many friends and students.

Pat’s attention to detail

While Pat was a “gun writer” in the broadest sense, his writings were much more technically in depth. Pat communicated difficult ideas not merely about guns, but about fighting, typically with firearms, and how to do that in as efficient a manner as possible.

Pat’s knowledge was not theoretical. He had been involved in a number of fights for probably close to 30 years as a professional gun carrier in one form or another by our estimation.

Preserving Pat’s legacy

Pat passed away in 2016. He was a profound influence on a great many people, including the creators of this site. Colonel Jeff Cooper once wrote that anything worth remembering, was worth writing down. Pat followed the Colonel’s advice assiduously.

The problem that has arisen is that Pat communicated via a wide variety of venues and many of his writings in the ensuing years since his passing are or may be disappearing from various repositories and thus lost to the collective awareness of the gun/tactical/training community.

The purpose of this website is to:

  1. Catalog as much of Pat’s work as possible.
  2. Preserve, where possible, Pat’s articles that were either in print or digital format.
  3. Serve as a repository for Pat’s teachings in whatever form they can be preserved in.

Maintaining maximum integrity

The founders of this site have no intent toward making money with this site. The sole focus of this site is to preserve Pat’s unique contribution for those who go into harm’s way in order that they may prevail in the fights they may find themselves in.

This site is being built with a version-control system which maintains a complete record of the entire history of site changes. In the future, other web developers may be granted access on a limited, case-by-case basis.

Eventually, this version-controlled repository of the website code may be released to the public, allowing anyone the ability to download the entirety of this website for safekeeping and even offline usage. Bottom line, we want Pat’s legacy to live forever.

Explore this website

As prolific as Pat was within the defense and law enforcement world, we’ve created various sections of this site to catalog the variety of ways Pat impacted the community. We urge you to explore all of them.


See a comprehensive biography of Pat’s life. Learn about Pat’s history, many of the organizations he’s been involved with, as well as many of his endeavors and accomplishments.


Discover a comprehensive bibliography of Pat’s works. We invite all who view this site to contact us if you have verifiable additions to this list. Where possible, you’ll also find links here to the actual articles or PDFs.


Browse a list of Pat’s various videos, including interviews by students and friends recounting their time and experiences with Pat.

Coming soon

Keep an eye out for new content and features we plan on adding to the site.

Magazine Articles

In some cases, when we’ve received permission from the original publishers, we may republish some of Pat’s magazine articles on this site, as well as PDF copies of them.

Online Forum Posts

Pat was a prolific writer with a long history of engagement across many forums. Discover links and records to as many of his posts as we’ve been able to find.


In the interest of transparency, as significant site changes and updates are made, on the Changelog page you will see a simple list of these updates so you can keep track of our activity.


The blog will be launching soon. It will serve as a hub for new content related to Pat. Here, you’ll discover people reminiscing about Pat and other items of note.