Bibliography of Patrick A. Rogers

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TitlePublicationPublishedPagesNotes / Errata
Search for the Perfect CarbineS.W.A.T. MagazineSep 2017Believed to be a reprint
Realistic Firearms Training for WomenS.W.A.T. MagazineAug 2017Believed to be a reprint
Self-Training: Harsh TruthsS.W.A.T. MagazineJul 201764-69This article first appeared in the April 2011 issue of S.W.A.T.
Carrying a Handgun: Separate Facts From FallaciesS.W.A.T. MagazineJun 201780-83This article first appeared in the March 2010 issue of S.W.A.T.
Eye of the Beholder: Search For The Perfect CarbineS.W.A.T. MagazineJun 2017
White Light Placement: Making the Interface WorkS.W.A.T. MagazineMay 201758-63This article first appeared in the August 2009 issue of S.W.A.T.
More Carbine Tips: Hold It, Mark It, Tighten It, Lube ItS.W.A.T. MagazineMar 201776-79This article first appeared in the March 2008 issue of S.W.A.T.
Malfunction Reduction: Stay in the Fight! Part 2S.W.A.T. MagazineFeb 201784-88This article first appeared in the January 2009 issue of S.W.A.T.
Malfunction Reduction: Stay in the Fight! Part 1S.W.A.T. MagazineJan 201752-57This article first appeared in the December 2008 issue of S.W.A.T.
Keep Your Carbine Running: Dispelling Lubrication and Cleaning MythsS.W.A.T. MagazineNov 201664-68This article first appeared in the December 2006 issue of S.W.A.T.
Cool Tools for the AR-15: Michiguns MOACKSS.W.A.T. MagazineOct 201684-87This article first appeared in the October 2006 issue of S.W.A.T.
Filthy 14: Bravo Company Carbine Goes 31,165 RoundsS.W.A.T. MagazineSep 201664-69This article first appeared in the October 2010 issue of S.W.A.T.
Slings, AKs, Wire Loops, and the ULoop: Blue Force Gear Sling Attachment SolutionsS.W.A.T. MagazineAug 201680-83
Who's Out of the Fight? Make Sure It’s Not YouS.W.A.T. MagazineJun 2016This article first appeared in the April 2014 issue of S.W.A.T.
Negligent Discharges: Can They Be Prevented?S.W.A.T. MagazineMay 201670-75
Can’t See The Light? Keep the Lens CleanS.W.A.T. MagazineApr 2016
Call to Arms: Defending Home, Community and CountryS.W.A.T. MagazineMar 201626-30
Stop Blaming the Trigger: Negligent DischargesS.W.A.T. MagazineOct 201552-57
A Nation of Riflemen: Civilian Marksmanship ProgramS.W.A.T. MagazineJul 201552-57
Flawed or Flawless? Internet Facts and FallaciesS.W.A.T. MagazineJun 2015
“This is My Safety, Sir”: Proper Firearms HandlingS.W.A.T. MagazineMay 2015
Switch Rail: Princeton Tec Low-Signature Task LightS.W.A.T. MagazineMar 2015
TargabotS.W.A.T. MagazineMar 2015
Testing the Limits of Sight AlignmentS.W.A.T. MagazineFeb 2015
Higher Standard of Training for Police and CitizensS.W.A.T. MagazineFeb 2015
One Shot, One Kill: A Contradiction in TermsS.W.A.T. MagazineJan 2015
Home Defense Weapons: Myths and Myth BustingS.W.A.T. MagazineDec 2014
Slide-Lock Reloads: Point and CounterpointS.W.A.T. MagazineNov 2014Duane Thomas as co-author
Building Bridges Between Law Enforcement and LawyersS.W.A.T. MagazineOct 2014Jennifer Arnold as co-author
Evolution of the Rail System: Bravo Company Mfg KeyMod RailS.W.A.T. MagazineSep 2014
More Light, Less Price: SureFire G2XS.W.A.T. MagazineAug 2014
EAG: Preparing for ClassPanteao ProductionsJul 2014
Firearms Training Prep and Mindset: What Not To DoS.W.A.T. MagazineJun 2014
Remaining Functional: Safety Rule Number TwoS.W.A.T. MagazineMay 2014
Who's Out of the Fight? Make Sure It’s Not YouS.W.A.T. MagazineApr 2014
Make Ready Daily Esssentials: The Square Range Pat RogersPanteao ProductionsMar 2014
Next Step For The Fighting Pistol: Laser Devices DBAL-PLS.W.A.T. MagazineMar 2014
High-Value Target: Reactive Beats StaticS.W.A.T. MagazineFeb 2014
Keeping the Lens CleanS.W.A.T. MagazineJan 2014
Distance Shooting: Myth of the Average EngagementS.W.A.T. MagazineDec 2013
Open for Learning: Restricted and Open Enrollment CoursesS.W.A.T. MagazineOct 2013
EAG: Patrol RiflePanteao ProductionsOct 2013
Make Ready Daily Esssentials: Shooting on the Move Pat RogersPanteao ProductionsOct 2013Date taken from third party YouTube post. May be incorrect.
Two Steps Beyond: Force-on-Force Training With LMS DefenseS.W.A.T. MagazineSep 2013
Why a Weapon-Mounted Light: Illuminating the ReasonsS.W.A.T. MagazineAug 2013
The Patrol RifleS.W.A.T. MagazineJul 2013
Uptown Girl-Pat RogersPanteao ProductionsMay 2013
Train Like It’s 2013: Cost-Saving MeasuresS.W.A.T. MagazineMay 2013
Class-Ready Kit, Part 2: The Chest RigS.W.A.T. MagazineMar 2013
Class-Ready Kit, Part 1: The War BeltS.W.A.T. MagazineFeb 2013
Tango Down IO Lens Cover: Overdue Optic ProtectionS.W.A.T. MagazineJan 2013
Let There Be Lights: Really Bright LightsS.W.A.T. MagazineNov 2012
Pat Rogers: Intro to the Shoot HousePanteao ProductionsOct 2012
Levels Of AchievementS.W.A.T. MagazineOct 2012
Get a Handle on Things: Bravo Company USA Gunfighter GripS.W.A.T. MagazineSep 2012
Don’t Be A Zero When You Zero: The Man-Machine ConnectionS.W.A.T. MagazineAug 2012
Putting Down the Man Gun: Why I Switched to 9mmS.W.A.T. MagazineJul 2012
Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Proper Bullet PlacementS.W.A.T. MagazineJun 201252-55
Blue Force Gear Boo Boo PouchS.W.A.T. MagazineMay 2012
Pat Rogers: Carbine IIPanteao ProductionsMay 2012
Death on a Sunny AfternoonPanteao ProductionsApr 2012
Problem Solving for Gunfighters: House ClearingS.W.A.T. MagazineApr 2012
Defaulting to Zero: What’s Your Mindset?S.W.A.T. MagazineApr 2012
Pat Rogers: Basic CarbinePanteao ProductionsMar 2012
The Mechanical Safety: Taking ResponsibilityS.W.A.T. MagazineMar 2012
Pat Rogers: Pro Tip Negative TapingPanteao ProductionsFeb 2012
Pat Rogers: Pro Tip Multiple ConceptsPanteao ProductionsFeb 2012
Pat Rogers: Pro Tip Load ProcedurePanteao ProductionsFeb 2012
Maintaining Situational Awareness: Scan and AssessS.W.A.T. MagazineFeb 2012
Carbine Chicas: Realistic Training for WomenS.W.A.T. MagazineJan 2012
Light(er) Weight CarbineS.W.A.T. MagazineDec 2011
Transition TechniquesS.W.A.T. MagazineNov 2011
Personal Kit: Solving Equipment IssuesS.W.A.T. MagazineOct 2011
Proper Helmet FitS.W.A.T. MagazineSep 2011
Counterpoint: The Press CheckS.W.A.T. MagazineJul 2011
OPS Core FAST Ballistic HelmetsS.W.A.T. MagazineJun 2011
Habitual Association: Getting Comfortable with Guns and GearS.W.A.T. MagazineMay 2011
Self-Training: Harsh TruthsS.W.A.T. MagazineApr 2011
The Shoot HouseS.W.A.T. MagazineMar 2011
Multi-Function Aiming LasersS.W.A.T. MagazineFeb 2011
Zeroing in on the Bad Guy: Sighting AlternativesS.W.A.T. MagazineJan 2011
From Dusk Till Dawn: LMS Defense Low Light/No Light CourseS.W.A.T. MagazineDec 2010
Filthy 14: Bravo Company Carbine Goes 31,165 RoundsS.W.A.T. MagazineOct 2010
Built to Excel: PWS Advanced Buffer TubeS.W.A.T. MagazineSep 2010
Surgical Shooting: Mastering Mechanical OffsetS.W.A.T. MagazineAug 2010
Explosive Conclusion: Colt LE6940 Saga Ends After 17,600 RoundsS.W.A.T. MagazineJul 2010
Minimal EfficiencyS.W.A.T. MagazineJun 2010
Fight the Future: Importance of Follow ThroughS.W.A.T. MagazineMay 2010
Passing the Torch: Laser Products OV-2 Weapon LightS.W.A.T. MagazineApr 2010
Charged Up: Bravo Company Gunfighter’s Charging HandleS.W.A.T. MagazineJan 2010
Men’s Intuition: Sight Picture EfficiencyS.W.A.T. MagazineDec 2009
Alternative Prone: Getting on Top of the GunS.W.A.T. MagazineNov 2009
Bulletproof Mind: Application of the Combat MindsetS.W.A.T. MagazineOct 2009
Tango Down Advanced Reliability Combat MagazineS.W.A.T. MagazineSep 2009
White Light Placement: Making the Interface WorkS.W.A.T. MagazineAug 2009
Magazine Madness: Fusil USA One Piece 30 Round MagazineS.W.A.T. MagazineJul 2009
Cliffhanger: Colt 6940 Advanced Law Enforcement CarbineS.W.A.T. MagazineJun 2009
Locked and Checked: Seating the magazineS.W.A.T. MagazineMay 200966-71
Proper Stock PlacementS.W.A.T. MagazineApr 200954-59
Endurance Testing the LWRCI M6A1: Ten Months with the Short-Stroke Piston SystemS.W.A.T. MagazineMar 2009
ATS Low Profile Chest RigS.W.A.T. MagazineMar 2009
Size Matters: Barrel Length, Ease of Use and Ballistic EfficiencyS.W.A.T. MagazineFeb 200962-71
Malfunction Reduction: Stay in the Fight! Part 2S.W.A.T. MagazineJan 200968-73
Malfunction Reduction: Stay in the Fight! Part 1S.W.A.T. MagazineDec 200854-59
Aimpoint M4SS.W.A.T. MagazineNov 2008
Lamb Universal Sling AttachmentS.W.A.T. MagazineOct 2008
Jammin’ Mags: Proper Care and Feeding of MagazinesS.W.A.T. MagazineSep 200854-57
Life in the Faster Lane: Trident Concepts Carbine Operator's CourseS.W.A.T. MagazineAug 2008
Shooting on the MoveS.W.A.T. MagazineJul 200853-57
Effects of Change: Evolution beats institutional inertiaS.W.A.T. MagazineJun 200854-59
A Tale of Three SmithsS.W.A.T. MagazineMay 2008
Red Dot Down! What To Do When Red Dot Sight FailsS.W.A.T. MagazineApr 2008
More Carbine Tips: Hold It, Mark It, Tighten It, Lube ItS.W.A.T. MagazineMar 2008
Offset: Understanding The Close-Range Solution And The 200-Yard ZeroS.W.A.T. MagazineFeb 2008
Running the Red Dot RightS.W.A.T. MagazineJan 2008
CSM Gear OTN Helmet Light BracketS.W.A.T. MagazineDec 2007
The Takeout BagS.W.A.T. MagazineNov 2007
Holy Grail of ARs: Quest Ends with Customized SLR15S.W.A.T. MagazineOct 200759-65
Pre-Training Equipment Issues: Tactical Components for Carbine ClassesS.W.A.T. MagazineSep 2007
Making Sure that you are making sure: Loading and Chambered round verificationS.W.A.T. MagazineAug 200772-79
Don’t Fight Your Sling: A Quick Fix for the Sling, Small ArmsS.W.A.T. MagazineJul 2007
Self-Training Myths: Deadly DrawbacksS.W.A.T. MagazineJun 2007
Keep Your Head in the Fight: Engagement/Post Engagement SequencingS.W.A.T. MagazineMay 200754-76
Eye of the Beholder: Search for the Perfect CarbineS.W.A.T. MagazineApr 2007
Sub Caliber Machineguns: Are They Still Practical?S.W.A.T. MagazineMar 2007
The Blast Belt: A New Way to Look at the War BeltS.W.A.T. MagazineFeb 2007
Hands Free Illumination: Surefire HL1-A-TNS.W.A.T. MagazineJan 2007
Keep Your Carbine Running: Dispelling Lubrication and Cleaning MythsS.W.A.T. MagazineDec 200670-75
Operator's Diagnostic CourseS.W.A.T. MagazineNov 2006
Cool Tools for the AR-15: Michiguns MOACKSS.W.A.T. MagazineOct 2006
AK Series RiflesS.W.A.T. MagazineSep 2006
10-8 Performance Rear SightS.W.A.T. MagazineJul 2006
Pre-engagement sequencing: Lifesaving ChecklistsS.W.A.T. MagazineMay 200666-71
Larue LT170/LT171/LMKS.W.A.T. MagazineApr 2006
Tertiary Lights: White Light Triple RedundancyS.W.A.T. MagazineMar 2006
Magazine Redux: Making life easier, twenty-eight rounds at a timeS.W.A.T. MagazineFeb 200662-65
Beta Company Magazine Loaders: Loading Ammunition EfficientlyS.W.A.T. MagazineJan 2006
Instructor Profile: Captain Ken CampbellS.W.A.T. MagazineDec 2005
Close Combat Optical SightsS.W.A.T. MagazineNov 200550-55, 92
John Noveske's CQB Barrels and KrinkS.W.A.T. MagazineSep 2005
Surefire's M600 Scout LightS.W.A.T. MagazineAug 2005
Backup Iron SightsS.W.A.T. MagazineJul 2005
MEU(SOC) PistolS.W.A.T. MagazineApr 2005
Weapon Mounted LightsS.W.A.T. MagazineMar 2005
Larue Tactical Rings and MountsS.W.A.T. MagazineDec 2004
LMT CarbineS.W.A.T. MagazineNov 2004
LMT CarbineS.W.A.T. MagazineOct 2004
Multi Environment Camoflage: Crye PrecisionS.W.A.T. MagazineSep 2004
The Quick Peek RevisitedS.W.A.T. MagazineAug 2004
M1511 Interim Fast Attack VehicleS.W.A.T. MagazineJun 2004
Oregon AeroS.W.A.T. MagazineMar 2004
AN/PVS17 Mini Night Vision SightS.W.A.T. MagazineJan 2004
Ergonomic Carbine StocksS.W.A.T. MagazineDec 2003
Carbine Magazine PouchesS.W.A.T. MagazineOct 2003
Carbine Manipulation TipsS.W.A.T. MagazineJul 2002
Full Spectrum Battle EquipmentS.W.A.T. MagazineOct 2001
Strong Men Armed: Part 3, Section 2, Weapons and EquipmentThe Accurate RifleMay 200139Title may not be precise. Reformatted each for consistency.
Strong Men Armed: Part 3, Section 1, Weapons and EquipmentThe Accurate RifleApr 200123Title may not be precise. Reformatted each for consistency.
Strong Men Armed: Part 2, Selection and TrainingThe Accurate RifleFeb 200123Title may not be precise. Reformatted each for consistency.
Strong Men Armed: Part 1, The Marine Corps 1st Force Reconnaissance Company History, Mission, and OrganizationThe Accurate RifleJan 200136Tactical Shooter renamed to The Accurate Rifle
The Other Prone PositionsTactical ShooterOct 200053
The TransitionTactical ShooterSep 200075
Chambered Round VerificationTactical ShooterApr 200073
Let There Be Light(s)Tactical ShooterFeb 20008
Tactical Support GearTactical ShooterJan 200032
ReloadingTactical ShooterDec 199931
The Visible Light IlluminatorTactical ShooterNov 199928
The M4 CarbineTactical ShooterJul 199958
The Marine Corps MEU(SOC) PistolTactical ShooterJun 199967
The Tactical Carbine in the CQB EnvironmentTactical ShooterApr 199962-65
More on Assault FireTactical ShooterAug 199858
Tactical Carbine Training - The Expericienced WayTactical ShooterJun 199853Author Tom Lintner. Discusses an EAG class.

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